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Joyce Kamerling, business woman to the bone, had this innovating idea:


“Why don’t we have any beach shops in Holland?! I am sure people would love to hunt for a new bikini or some cool beach sandals … nuzzling their feet in the warm sand … hmmm!”


Joyce’s enthusiasm and her enormous drive were the initial spark: Without a penny but with heaps of courage and full of ideas, she decided to dive into the deep.

She gained ground at one of the beach clubs at Zandvoort, hammered some clothing racks and there it was:

The first beach shop ‘JOZ at Everywhere’ in Holland was up and running!

At first Joyce had to maintain her job but she was unstoppable. In Amsterdam, the new hype of pop up stores fitted her concept perfectly: JOZ At Everywhere popped up in several cities in the Netherlands like Zandvoort, Laren and Amsterdam.

Business flourished, so when Joyce found this cute shop in her favourite area The 9Streets, she didn’t hesitate and quit her job.

JOZ Amsterdam was founded and Joyce was in business.

I mean … serious business!

Within four months after the shop at Huidenstraat opened, she signed a contract for her second shop at Berenstraat.

This period was somewhat…. let’s say … busy but Joyce was very content she could be of better service for her ever growing population of customers.

The Travel Boutique came three years later also in the Berenstraat.

Since your neighbour will only be available for rent once… Joyce decided to open another store, the Travel Boutique. Here you will find beautiful clothing with our travel quality, high-end souvenirs and travel accessories. Actually, everything that fits in your suitcase!


At JOZ Amsterdam you will find


  • a set for business, leisure or a smashing party, shoes included!
  • marvelous minimalistic jewelery
  • luxury life style presents with a surprising twist
  • that one cool item!


All beautifully wrapped in a nice JOZ Amsterdam tote … if needed with a small raincoat.

Because JOZ just loves cute details.




This is Joyce’s story about …

how she turned a beach shop into the success story of JOZ Amsterdam with 3 stores.

Joyce Kamerling at JOZ Amsterdam