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A vegan sneaker brand. Every pair of LØCI’s saves 20 plastic bottles from entering our oceans and landfills. The sneakers are made of 100% premium repurposed ocean and land plastic.

They don’t try to imitate leather, but use innovative materials that create a cleaner tomorrow and not leaving a problem for future generations to deal with.

Løci uses cork for their insoles and midsoles. It's lightweight, comfortable, moldable, hypoallergenic, soft and buoyant⁣. It's the best of nature at your feet.

They use bamboo and recycled nylon for the lining of the sneakers. A natural material that is light & breathable through summer, while keeping you warm in the winter.

They also use 100% natural rubber for the soles of the sneakers, a renewable resource that comes from tapping plants. Their rubber soles are flexible and comfortable from the very first wear.