Munthe is one of our favorite Danish brands currently featured in our boutiques. Creative Director Naja Munthe founded this exquisite fashion label in Copenhagen in 1994. This Danish fashion house is renowned for its elegant style, exceptional fit, quality fabrics, and uniquely designed prints.


The timeless and expressive essentials are characteristic of Munthe's collections. Alongside the beautiful designs, the clothing boasts an incredible fit. Almost every garment is created with in-house designed patterns, allowing each style to effortlessly complement every body type and age.


Munthe | JOZ Amsterdam


Among other reasons, we adore Munthe due to their emphasis on sustainability and responsibility. High-quality fabrics are chosen with care, and the production process is approached with an environmentally conscious perspective.


Art serves as a major source of inspiration for the collections. Munthe established 'ART MONDAY,' an initiative aimed at promoting more female artists by, for example, hiring them for print productions. Their artwork is often showcased in Munthe's shows, all in an effort to combat gender inequality in the art world. 

Munthe | Art Monday

Intrigued? Explore the beautiful world of Munthe online and be captivated by their elegant style, exquisite fabrics, and unique prints. From stunning blouses to comfortable jeans, fine jackets, and charming knitwear – the choices are endless. Need assistance finding the perfect fit? We're here to help!


August 04, 2023 — Karlien Schuitema

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